How to increase the sellings?

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Hey, guys! Maybe too common and boring question, but how do you increase your sales? I'm here for six months and have just two purchases(( In my catalog, there are different models - good and maybe not, I even published some assets for parametric modeling (RailClone). But it doesn't help. What could you recommend to me?


Posted 2 months ago

I recommend to use search - this question has been asked a million times before you.

Bamboo3D wrote
I've read tons of topics about that, and all that they say - increase the quality of your models, increase the quantity and so on. And I don't really understand what I missing in my profile and my model. I'm not pretending for 'millions' for now, but not just two purchases for six months.
jaguarbeastproduction wrote
What result did you expect by uploading 18 models in categories that already have 8 to 95 thousand items? In this situation two purchases in 6 months is a lot of luck.
Bamboo3D wrote
@jaguarbeastproduction so what is your recommendation? to hit just one category? how many models should I upload to see the feedback? just asking, don't take it as a hate
Posted about 2 months ago

i don't sell a lot but i think the answer is to have more models! Try to do some packs also

Bamboo3D wrote
I've some topics and understood that unfortunately, it's base!
Posted about 1 month ago

hmm I got 18 sales in 6 months with only 13 models. And actually form just 5 models, because the have 0 sales. Si it is about quality

Bamboo3D wrote
And, in my opinion, shouldn't be like that. You have all models related to one theme and few sales... Quality btw is ok
Posted 24 days ago

A bit strange, those houses for those prices should go as butter. There was a time I was searching the hell out of CGT for those houses at such prices.

Don´t give up Bamboo3D, I see stagnation currently in all indutries and all over the place.

The only think I suggest, because the models are not "bad", improve your presentations of these houses. How? I don´t know, I have my own problems to improve mine :-)

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