How can I increase my sales?

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Thank you all for helping me. I have been on the site for 2 years, I had two sales, how can I improve to have a more profitable profile and have more sales. Thanks for reading and help me thank you from now on.


Posted 7 months ago

You only have 3 models for sale and 33 for free. If it were opposite you would have more sales. So upload mmore models to sell and add more formats.

KeyCad wrote
does 33 for free file upload increase my sales? i not understand about it. please let me know.
jonjensen wrote
No, I mean instead of having 33 for free and 3 for sale, you should have 33 for sale and max 3 for free. That was the meaning. Beside to many free models undermining the marked.
Posted 7 months ago

I would agree with the above, you have a small collection, a lot of your collection is very specific and would have a small buyer pool. Also your giving everything out for free so that doesnt help.
Aside that, quality of your renderings needs to increase, even on the black and white/wireframe types need to be high quality, if i see blotchy spots at low resolution as a buyer i would never purchase the model. So increase the rendering settings and remove the noise in them.

Posted 6 months ago

I just opened a store on cgtrader 4 months to sell 4 models and 1 successful project also earns 13 USD, expect many buyers without seeing how to feed life

Polycube-Studios wrote
Minhthietkead, great models, to increase sales i would recommend you add in some wireframe images showing how the object is actually modeled, some people aside cnc may want to use it for 3d modelling projects and without knowing how it was built and how many Polygons and Vertices you have you may lose out on customers. Also the images would look better on white background to keep it more neutral. best of luck and happy modelling.

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