Editorial License buy - Allowed for non-profit game-mods?

Discussion started by Condal

So I recently bought a model under an editorial license. I was in a hurry and didn't pay much attention.

I wonder if I can use models under such licenses for non-profit game mods, as this particular case doesn't seemed to be explained much in the descriptions and faq.

For example:

Sometimes I release mods containing my own models, first to my Patrons and, after a certain period of days, free to the public.

Would it be allowed to use and release mods containing models with editorial licenses, if I'd would release them directly to the public (without that waiting period)?

And if yes, would it be also allowed to release it for free on that patreon page? I'm not sure where the commercial line is to draw.


Posted 6 months ago

Nope, editorial license does not allow such usage, no matter if the game/mod is free or not.

Condal wrote
Alright. That's sad, therefore I don't really see the sense of editorial licenses, but to confuse possible buyers, lol.
LemonadeCG wrote
If something doesn't fit your needs, it doesn't mean that it is useless to anyone else. Besides, most often editorial license is the only way to be able to sell copyrighted models.

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