Does proper licence mean anything on CGT?

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I've checked for licence dozens of branded models that appears on the front page and found stunning thing - nobody cares to set proper licence for their models. Every branded model, except one from behr-bros, are selling under royalty free licence! So maybe licence doesn't mean anything on cgtrader anymore? Maybe it needs to be removed at all and we all could be selling unlicensed models and buyers would be free to do whatever they want with them?

And it's not a recent problem. Let's go to the cars category, where by the quick look is pretty clear, that about 95% of models are branded, but if you use filters, you will find that only 35% are selling under editorial licence and only 21% are marked as branded. It's no wonder why major car manufacturers start requesting to remove all models carrying their IP from the marketplace. Because everyone is abusing licensing and nobody gives a damn about it.


Posted about 3 years ago

I do not think that trademark owners care about CG licenses.
It's all greed and stupidity.
I do not think that we severely spoil the business to large companies with a billion-dollar turnover.
The buyer himself must negotiate with the owner of the trademarks, if the model is used to extract a large profit.
Personally, I do not care how many millions the buyer will make on my model.

Posted about 3 years ago

I don't know if brands owners care about it or not, but it looks like CGT doesn't care about it at all. Selling products with wrong licence is inappropriate and probably illegal and it's sad to see that CGT is choosing to rather close their eyes at that. Licensing is very important part of this business and marketplaces should put greater effort to educate their customers about it. I have impression, that now many doesn't know difference between royalty free and royalty free - editorial licences, and even more people thinks that so called free licence, gives them rights to do with model anything that they want. That is very ill situation and it's sad to see that so little people worries about that.

Posted about 3 years ago


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