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Hello everyone,

Come and check my marketplace that has variety of 3d models (high-poly, low-poly, game ready, print ready...) in the link below:



Posted about 1 month ago

Nice Models

Posted about 1 month ago

Yes, nice models and some of them stolen. Can you explain to the community why you modify and sell other peoples hard work ?

FIRA wrote
I did not stole anything from anyone, especially not from Hum3d where I participated many times on their challenges. The base model of Lykan Hypersport was created by my friend long time ago and he let me make an upgrade of it. I don't know why are you saying stuff like that, but chill out and mind your own business. If you don't like anything just move on and don't spill out some nonsenses.
PhantomDesign wrote
Of course you didn't steal anything... come on man wires are the same, next time waist more time modifying other peoples hard work that you plan to put here on sale.
trimitek wrote
@FIRA The majority of the mesh looks identical to me and I'm 99% sure that if support overlaps both models the non modified parts will overlap perfectly. How much do you trust your friend?
PhantomDesign wrote
@Trimitek , No need for discussion, lets let support overlap this and some other models so comunity can see what's what shall we ?
Posted about 1 month ago

As I said before the base model was created by my friend long time ago, if he lied to me that's his problem, I did not stole it. Anyway you can't steal from Hum3d because you have to buy their models. I don't know what he did, whether he modeled it or bought it. He told me that he modeled it. It was a long time ago. Anyway it is pointless to discuss further about it.

Posted about 1 month ago

@FIRA You are wrong.
1. By the Terms & Conditions you had signed when you joined CGT, you are personally responsible for the models you upload:
"18.1. Members may only upload Content they own or otherwise have the right to use and upload. CGTrader does not own any Content uploaded by Members.

18.2. By uploading a Product, the Seller shall be deemed to represent that such Product and use of this Product permitted by General Terms does not infringe the intellectual property of any other party and that the Seller had obtained all necessary model or property releases for use and licensing of the Product. All Members should consult their own legal advisors to determine whether a particular model or property release form and (or) any applicable contract is suitable or necessary for uploading particular Product or for a particular use of a Product, or whether such use is a fair use. Sellers should understand that licenses of Product without a release attached may be negatively impacted, if a release is deemed necessary by Buyers or their legal advisors."
So it's not your friend problem - it's your problem and responsibility.
2. Even if you personally buy Hum3D models, you are not allowed to modify and resell it. Check the license:
"The CUSTOMER may NOT: redistribute PRODUCT or modifications/parts of the PRODUCT"

trimitek wrote
With that said I will strongly recommend you: If you have uploaded other models from friends, please check them out, because that will most likely lead to a ban and you will not be able to sell models on CGT anymore.

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