Can i sell models scanned from real object or product ??

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Hi , i have advanced 3D scanners , and i find it is a nice quality in the model scanned from life object, though without realistic texture , but it is OK for selling , and i want to ask is there any copyright issues ??

well, it is legal to take a phone and sell it with the background of famous architecture without the infringement to architecture designer

is it legal to 3D scan an object and sell it ??

what about the object like inner machine component in air conditioning or computer? or even some damaged or old object but with good vintage looking ?? is it still illegal to scan these object?


Posted about 2 years ago

I am not sure but I think it is legal to scan those objects.

Posted about 2 years ago

I think it is absolutely same as standard 3D models.
If you would scan BMW car it would be prohibited.
If you would scan Eiffel tower it is OK because these 3D models are normally available here (legality of using drones in city center is other question).
In general I would say that architecture category is the most safe in copyright question.
I see potential problem only with scanning of people you should have their permission to upload the model here.

Posted about 2 years ago

A product like an iPhone I wouldn’t risk it myself because of trademark issues but famous buildings or structures is legal.

LemonadeCG wrote
Famous building might be protected by copyright as much as an iphone, so your advice is not correct.
Posted about 2 years ago

It is perfectly legal to scan almost everything you want, but it's not neccessary true when you want to sell your work. The safest option is to avoid copyrighted items and scan/sell something that is in public domain, or is not copyrightable by its nature, but if you want to scan and sell branded objects, then at least you should sell them with editorial license.

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