Can I sell 3D models with brands / logos

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Hello, would like to sell a 3D model I made from an actual existing object with slight modifications. Can I sell models with brands and logos?

PS: Is there a reason why I cant add images?


Posted 3 months ago

Models with brands/logos fall under the Editorial category, make sure you select this option instead of Royalty Free when you upload. Keep in mind if the owner of the brand decides they do not want you to sell these then they can request you take them down (or have CGT do this automatically). There is a risk to any 3D models if the brand decides this at any point so its up to you if you choose to spend your time on this - such as BMW and other major companies who have done this in the past.

Not sure why you cant post images in this forum, hopefully CGT will address this in a future update, the forums are in need of current features.

waldmoos wrote
Thank you very much. What if I just remove the logo or invent my own? It's not like a BMW, its just a wickerwork tray by Lexington.
Posted 3 months ago

I think you are missing the point, a brand is more than a logo - the design, aesthetic etc is all apart of it. If you replaced the logo on a BMW with a smiley face you still know what car it is. It also doesn't matter what brand it is, it could be your local hand made shop down the road - a registered trademark is a trademark. General rule of copyright requires a 20% deviation from the original design, so you can choose to follow this as a guideline or hope for the best - up to you of course. My point is simply you can model known brands and place an editorial license, however that brand may choose in the future to remove it from 3D models without notifying you.

Posted 3 months ago

Avoid Disney, they will sue you no matter the amount you're selling for >.

Posted 3 months ago

hanks for your answers. Definitely very helpful.

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