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It is obvious to me that CGTrader has been working hard on enhancing the auto tagging system on here.

I stopped wasting my time trying to come up with my own tags and just used the ones that come up automatically when you upload a model.

Now my models have been getting a lot more views and more frequently then with my old tags!

Thanks CGtrader for making my life so much easier!!!


Posted about 6 years ago

Thanks Turboquid, we appreciate that! Do you mean you use tag autosuggestions? They were developed to help designers write related tags. If there is any feedback about the functionality please let us know.

We also analysed sales correlation with how many tags models have and saw that models that have 10-15 tags have on average 2-3 times more sales than those that have only minimum 5. So take your time to write more tags, they are quite important to attracting customers to your product page. But don't spam, because unrelated tags doesn't help.

Posted about 6 years ago

Posted about 6 years ago

Yes Marius!

I used the tag autosuggestions and found they work so much better than me trying to come up with my own tags.

I noticed I have been getting so many more views that way. Before when I used my own tags a rarely got any views but just this week I decided to just delete those and use the autosuggestions and suddenly so many more views!

From now on I am only going to use the autosuggestions!

Posted about 6 years ago

thanks for the tip! Go CGT community! Whooo

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