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I already have some experience with 3D modeling. I have built rooms / weapons / props / machines and learned where my weaknesses and strengths are.

Personally I would say I can do anything except organic stuff or whightmap stuff in it I'm not very good.

I wanted to start on CG Trader and have read a lot about what could sell or what is not worthwhile.

What strikes me most is that the market for interior / furniture or everyday items is almost flooded. I suppose this section is less worthwhile. For example I saw whole rooms for 10$ although the person probably sat on it for 2 weeks.

I wonder in which direction it is worthwhile to expand e.g. I am a fan of SCI-FI / Cyberpunk. I wonder if it would be worthwhile to build specific vehicles / spaceships or weapons in that direction or even interior.

According to an old CGTRADER statistic, animals / vehicles / science / space are very popular topics.

I would be happy if someone could give me a little advice since I've been going through the forum for the last few hours and found a lot of news that people don't sell anything. Often I see that they only offer single cabinets for 2-4$ I suspect that a set of 5-10 items is more worthwhile for something specific like that.

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You indeed only gonna see mostly the bad news on the forum, complainers are eager to complain but people doing good rarely tell about it. Probably it has something to do with fear for competition, maybe people don't like to reveal the location they found some gold?

I’m doing sci-fi most of the time and its going well.
When doing unique design competition is going to be less of an issue.

Just do the stuff that inspire you the most then you gonna feel most fulfilled. Its not going to be so hard to make it a success if you like what your doing. Focus on creating value and try improving that on constant basis. There is allot of room in sci-fi genre and demand for content in this category is growing. Some focus on weapons others just on armors, some may do corridors or sci-fi panels, etc., and they do well. However keep in mind there are already items in there so you need to clearly distinguish there (

Alpenwolf seems to be doing very good in the sci-fi weapons category (
Littlechild also seems to be doing relatively well in sci-fi genre with a small library (
Mykola has a small library but it seems to be doing very well ( clearly has a few top selling models there, looking at his reviews the robot is probably the top selling item.

You can visit more pages from successful designers ( and see what they are doing.

You can recognized successful designers on reputation points.
When designers sell something the amount they have earned will translate to reputation points so you can see some crude figure regarding revenue made. Note however, getting likes and activity in the forum also gives some reputation points. People providing free models also get some reps so view on actual revenue is somewhat blurred and you need to dive in to get better picture.

Anyways, I can recommend producing work for sci-fi genre.

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