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I received my payment today, however, it is missing 9 adobe stock sales for the past month. Next month's already showing 8 sales, so do not confuse those.

March 9th I received a flurry of emails telling me I had adobe stock sales that never did show up in my sales list, nor did they show in my payment this month.

* suggestion: The emails should include a sales tracking number.. maybe the oid number that is listed on our dashboard sales list.


Posted about 4 years ago

It would be a good idea to contact support ;)

Posted about 4 years ago

Hi figster,

Thanks for raising the question. We have discovered that the import of orders done March 9 (you should have received emails on that) set the orders as unpaid, so indeed the sales for January are missing from dashboards - we are now looking into this and will add those sales asap.

The emails you received March 16 relates to sales on Adobe Stock in February. These have March 5th as an order date in your dashboards.

Hope this explains. We will send email to everyone affected shortly. Thanks for understanding.


figster wrote
Thanks.. I appreciate that.

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