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I am new on the CG Trader marketplace, now trying to design new contemporary architectural furniture. I have modeled several interior furniture designs, specifically 20 models, however I am not getting any sales. Am I doing something wrong, or should I just be more patient and wait for the right costumers?

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Posted 14 days ago

Friendly buyer here. Your images look bland. Very sterile, black and white. Nothing attention grabbing. Price seems a little high maybe. You mostly give three images from the same point of view - boring. No details. Go look at some modern interior design mags to see how the vendors stage their product shots.

Morph3D wrote
Okay, nice advice. Thank you, I'll start/continue with a more represenrative way of modeling using more colors, materials and attention details. Thank you Jeff.
Posted 13 days ago

Hi Morph3D. I like your style, but the category you are trying to sell in is hopeless. If you search for "furniture" there comes up 2562 pages. If you write "office desk" there is 23 pages of them alone, "sofas" 140 pages and so on. Even if you mastering you craft, it will be difficult and take time to sell furniture.

Morph3D wrote
Yeah, really difficult. I truly appreciate your opinion, and it is really helpful. I might, maybe, start considering modeling other uncommon models, and then master the furniture and/or common interior architectural design. Thank you.
Posted 11 days ago

yea I'm having the same problem, I started 2 months ago and have 7 models but no one is buying anything and I don't know why :c

Posted 7 days ago

As an architect, I can tell you that the architecture furniture market is oversaturated, those models with those specifications are not at all competitive in the current market.

Morph3D wrote
Yeah, I guess that's true. However, I am an architect too and modeling architecture furniture is the best that I can do. I guess I'll just try to create more models or increase the realism quality. Thank you for the answer Noker.
Posted 4 days ago

same problem. I became active a few months back and I'm trying to upload daily but it seems I'm hitting the wrong market... so far I've made furniture (11 so far. I might stop at 20 or 30)... next, I'm about to make characters and maybe clothing. trying to probe different markets to see which works for me. I can pretty much do anything because of my years of experience but I just need to know what to do and which market sells most.

Morph3D wrote
Your models seems to be very realistic. I am working now on the architectural sofa models, hopefully will thrive or something (trying to make them very realistic).
astronet wrote
thanks. good luck to you.

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