Payment reversal - no cardholder authorization

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There are more and more "Payment reversal - no cardholder authorization.", is that normal? CGTrader does not have a system implemented to know if purchases with these cards are legal or not? Between this and the fractional and late payments one already loses the desire to continue on this platform. ..


Posted about 2 months ago

How often is this happening? I dont think ive had a payment reversal in over a year, and I think it was only 1.

CGPitbull wrote
In 2 months, 4 times... its a lot or not?... for me its a lot...
3DCargo wrote
That certainly sounds like a lot to me. Did you contact support, what did they say about this?
Posted about 2 months ago

Just had a look through my sales and I didn't realize till now that I had one late November. Excuse my ignorance but what does that mean? Does that mean their card was declined and they still get access to download and don't pay for it?

tobiasrieper wrote
That mean that credit card used for the purchase is stolen and that money from the sale must be returned to the owner. In other words you "lost" one model that will probably end up on some warez website. Main problem with this is time of credit card theft detection, some credit cards thefts are detected within days , some can take months. Even if you try to check every credit card before purchase you can get false information that credit card is legit because its not yet reported as stolen. As far as Im aware , mechanism to prevent this doesn't exist here on cgt.
JimPlatt wrote
No way.....FFS...but thx for clearing that up!
TazMan2000 wrote
I have a solution. Have the web developer add in a question when entering credit card information..."Is this credit card stolen? YES/NO". lol

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