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Howdy CGTrader friendos! I had some ideas for features that I wanted to see added to the site, but I figured writing a post about those specific ideas wasn't likely to get a lot of traction. So rather than discussing wether or not a few of my own ideas would be desirably, I wanted to start a thread discussing the things other users would like to see added.

Here's a couple of my ideas.

- Monthly view tracker for Analytics. I'd like to see what my most viewed models are and how many views they're getting per month. Currently you can count how many views an individual model has, but there's no way to see how each model is doing over a specific amount of time.

- Featured Collections. It would be useful if I could choose which models are being presented on my page as opposed to the site automatically creating random collections like "High Poly", "Low Poly/PBR", and "Free". I'd like some control over what people are seeing. I don't want my sub-par free models clearly visible on my page.

- Giving Model ratings an actual function. Currently the site gives you a ranking between 1 - 10 on your model depending on how many photos you have, file types, and how good your description is. I haven't noticed this feature actually helping any of my models. I have models with a rating of 10, 20+ photos, 8+ file types, a decent description, and yet some of my models end up on page 20 behind a model with 3 photos of the computer screen taken by a phone.

These are a few of the ideas that I've had, it would be great to hear what others have in mind.


Posted 14 days ago

I'd like a model rating system which has an effect on what the minimum price you can select for your model is, calculating the price by comparing tags with other models and using the median price. This will help prevent undercutting, and give an idea for how much you should sell your model for. The minimum price can be changed with lack of sales.

Posted 14 days ago

How about, when posting models, there is a pop-up that suggests items not allowed or at least that are questionable?

Posted 13 days ago

They won't to add what users want. Only "helpful" whistles like epileptic flashing "user is typing ..." in the messaging page.
1. Managing model order on the designers store page? No...
2. Rework of "publishing score" calculation? No...
3. Warning or color tag about "not allowed"? No...

Posted 13 days ago

Sadly, i have to agree with skapricorn. Such discussions are useless, apparently cgtrader isn't interested in developing the marketplace anymore.

Posted 13 days ago

Here is one "problem". If you use loyalty system then your models has 30% discount(in most cases) for those who is actually can buy model for this price. So if you accept customers for negotiating you never know what actual discount he really can use.
For example your model 100$ and 70$ with all discount.
Customer negotiating for 65$ but you never know is he really have such a discount for purchasing even for 90$. You can't check that.

LemonadeCG wrote
AFAIK, when customer is buying an asset through "price offer" procedure, all other discounts are getting ignored. The price you negotiate, is the price you will be paid, minus fees and taxes, of course.
Posted 11 days ago

Hi there,

Thank you for your great suggestions.

We are currently looking for ways to improve our marketplace, so if you have any ideas, please let us know!

You can leave a comment here or contact us directly via support@cgtrader.com

We truly appreciate it!

Agota from CGtrader

Posted 9 days ago

USER IS TYPING is so annoying !!!!
I can't have a decent conversation with clients and tell them to send me a mail.

Posted 9 days ago

Following designers would be a great feature. As they can be notified of new products from the designers they follow.

Posted 6 days ago

I'd like to have possibility to say more to my potential buyers and customers on my page in the "About" section. Currently the text is limited like on the twitter few years ago. And I can't write there why I'm not giving discounts, why I don't like to share my phone number or other contacts or by other words why I prefer to work via CGTrader instead of whatsapp-wanking and getting payments directly.

I want to place not a "tweet" but at least short text presentation or "manifesto".

Posted 6 days ago

And one more little problem if you please.
Everytime I'm uploading images and publish new product and then go to product's page - some of my images doesn't uploaded properly, they are blank. Sometimes they appears after 10mins, sometimes doesn't appears even after 1 day. All I have to do if after publishing press "edit" product button, go to edit page and just press "publish" button - after that all images appears as it supposed to.
As I know some of artists has that problem too.

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