How to download own model.

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I want to download my own 3D uploded model from CGTrader. But I can't find the option.


Posted about 2 months ago

You temporarily set the price to 0 (making it free),
download your model and set the price back.

This is the only option right now.

Posted about 1 month ago

Would be nice if cg-trader would implement an easier way to just download your own models when you need.

Posted about 1 month ago

Make own library of own collection which are uploaded on CGT, it will make your file and folder structure are simple and easy to locate. I am using same technique
since more than year and happy because even CGT down for some reason I have all of my models saved in local system.
Currently I am not having good time because of my job soon I am going to start providing providing temples to speed up workflow.

ZB-Vision wrote
It's not about that. I do have my own local library with own models. Sometimes at work in office I need one of my models, I don't have the hdd with me and it's easier to just login and download. Other sites offer such possibility to authors.

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