Pr-1235 part 1

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as being mentioned, i was building my 3d model as my newest product, it might be interesting for you to know what exact hard it would be under this situation.

it all started in recent month where i was interested in old time model with all of its model it looks like that it wouldn't be hard for me, in fact that i have to finish it's sub part including deck elevators and aircraft configuration, perhaps you all know why that i haven't yet put my material and it looks pale, but i was eventually succeeded in putting some shade colors, eventually my model would be a beginning point where everybody could make it more creative, perhaps maybe you all reminded in the first time where you building your model from beginning and so i would try hard for that.

the Project 1235 where apart of my creativity to built an aircraft carrier of the 1960 era where beside powered by a diesel engine it eventually having its steam engine as its primary powerplant, it was having a rationed armament and up to 50-60 aircraft can be stationed.

for a further review you can see it from here.

Project 1235 (CVA-101)


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