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August 24th, 2011

Non-organic Things Look Better In 3D Than in Reality

Pumper, a great modeler of non organic things, uploaded 41 of his wonderful 3D objects and so enriched assortment with various non organic models: router, calculator, bilboard, clocks and many others.

I have exactly the same router at home and you can see the difference: Pumper's 3D model looks much better than the real one :)

Non-organic Things Look Better In 3D Than in Reality 1

Pumper sells his models in various 3D stocks but he highly recommends (thank You, Pumper!). According to him:

Product prices 15% lower at as they pay 100% royalties to the artists!

We really do as there're no any commissions at! We know the artist can never be sure speculators payed him/her all account they had to, so we developed the partnership model were transactions are based on P2P with no share with middlemen. Thus artist can set lower prices for their 3D models as they receive all the payment.

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July 29th, 2011

Meet 55 Dragons Designed In One Month received a very exclusive 3D model that has incredible story.

Damir G Martin, a great character design artist, shared his amazing work - a serie of unique 55 dragons.

Damir went through "Design Marathon" and created 55 dragons in 28 days!

Dragon 48 from dg martin on Vimeo.

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July 28th, 2011

New Product Type - Exclusive 3D Model

New Product Type - Exclusive 3D Model 1

We are happy to announce new product type - Exclusive 3d model. This is experimental feature which lets professional artists to publish their 3D models without uploading product files. 'Exclusive' stands for very high quality 3D model.

Files of Exclusive 3D model do not reside on CGTrader, authors publish only images and general information about the model. To purchase it, please contact the author and negotiate all the details directly.

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July 27th, 2011

Eurocoins For Sale

There's no need to have huge 3D models portfolio to start proudly sharing your talent. We're very proud to partnership with such artists like JohannesSchloerb, who has only one model (yet) in, but what a model!

CGI Euro Coins from Johannes Schlörb on Vimeo.

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July 17th, 2011

NONECG Shares 80 3D Models and Invites To Visit NYC in 3D

  • If you look at the 3D model of New York City shared by NONECG, don't believe your eyes. I'm just back from NYC and can point 5 things that are missing:
  • yellow cabs
  • hod dog vendors
  • people
  • people
  • people

This is why we love CG: it allows us to build our own exclusive world and show it to others!

If we miss something in NY, we just add it, right? For us, 3D artists, it is not necessary even to climb to the Empire State Building to do that.

NONECG Shares 80 3D Models and Invites To Visit NYC in 3D 1

But I climbed :)

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