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You have more time to join Designer Schwag and Sports & Hobbies challenges!

August 2nd, 2017

You have more time to join Designer Schwag and Sports & Hobbies challenges!

We have some great news for you - the deadlines for the two challenges currently running on CGTrader, Designer Schwag and Sports & Hobbies, have been prolonged! This means that you now have a bit more time to model and then, if we send some feedback on technical issues, tweak the 3D models.

We know that it is a holiday season, so spending sunny evening modeling might not be the most attractive activity, so we decided to give you a bit more of time and get back into working mood. At the same time, we really hope you an jump into the Designer Schwag competition before August 27, 2017, and then also submit some sports inventory 3D models for Sports & Hobbies before September 13, 2017. The prize pools of both challenges are impressive - the 6 winners will share 6000 USD in cash and get additional licenses in each of the challenges. This is an amazing opportunity to both easily transit to work-mode as the task is rather simple and also win cash prizes (to spend on your next holidays, maybe?).

In addition, we have slightly simplified terms & conditions and added some extra explanation to technical requirements, so don’t forget to take a look at terms and conditions sections for Designer Schwag and Sports & Hobbies challenges. The very key things remain the same:

  • Only 3ds Max and Maya formats are accepted (.max, .3ds, ma, .ma)
  • Materials assigned to geometry must be Chaosgroup V-Ray Standard Material (VRayMtl)
  • Scene should consist of 3D model and connected V-Ray Standard materials only.
  • UV Layout (0-1 space, non-overlapping).
  • Poles should have maximum of 5 edges.
  • Only quads are accepted. Triangles can be used sparingly and only where absolutely necessary.

As we mentioned in the forum discussion, having models in several formats are not prohibited as these would benefit the customers, but, please, make sure the .max, .3ds, .ma or .mb version you are uploading for competition is clean and have no logos, texts, backgrounds, rigging, horizon lines, etc. No trademarks or logos (even if it is your own company) are allowed, so to be on the safe side - always remove texts and any names from the models or renders.

You have more time to join Designer Schwag and Sports & Hobbies challenges! 1

If you are not sure what models are accepted for the challenge and what will not go through, here is the list we have crafted for Designer Schwag challenge to help put your minds in the right direction. The term Schwag is broad, but you can always think of business environment and all the crazy things you can make branded :)

  • Business supplies: Cards, envelopes, desk calendars, binders, journals, notepads, bookmarks
  • Office supplies: Writing utensils, highlighters, erasers, staplers, tape dispensers, scissors, rulers, bookends, business card holders, office supply holders, clipboards
  • Clothing: Hats, t-shirts, hoodies, sportswear, bags (including totes, sports, backpacks or rucksacks), buttons
  • Electronic supplies: Mobile device cases and holders, calculators, portable thumb drives, earbud holders, cloth screen cleaners
  • Decorative office objects: Globes, hourglasses, kinetic desk sculptures, desk zen gardens, clocks, books
  • For use in the office: Cups, drinking glasses, water bottles, key chains, bottle openers, yoyos, paperweights, stress balls, mini sports balls

You have more time to join Designer Schwag and Sports & Hobbies challenges! 2

Find lists helpful? Here is the one for Sports & Hobbies challenge:

Games: Pieces and boards used for chess and checkers, cards, dice, generic game pieces, marbles, pool equipment (cue, ball, chalk), frisbee, croquet mallet, bocce balls, darts or dartboard

  • Sports equipment:
    • Basketball: Ball, hoop with net, sneakers, jersey, generic tennis shoes, whistle
    • Baseball: Ball, bat, bases, hat, knee pads, catcher’s mask, mitt
    • Hockey: Stick, helmet/mask, ice skates, hockey puck, goalie’s net
    • Tennis: Racket, ball, net, ball carrier, wrist or head sweatbands
    • Water sports: Swimming goggles or fins, rowboat, oar, surfboard, water skies, kickboard, life preserver/vest, swimming cap, inner tube
    • Winter sports: Ice skates, snowboard, ski mask, gloves, ski poles, sports flag, skis, snowshoes, sled
    • Other: Boxing gloves, ping pong paddle, shuttlecock, lacrosse stick, golf club(s) and ball(s), archery bow and arrows
  • Exercise equipment: Yoga mat, weights, jump rope, trampoline, stability ball, hula hoop, fitness or activity tracker, stopwatch, timer, generic running or walking shoes
  • Music: Generic musical equipment (saxophone, guitar, violin, flute, piano, accordion, drums), microphone, earphones, music stand, conductor baton, DJ equipment, amp, pick, drumsticks, sheet music, cables and other connecting cords

Happy modeling and we are looking forward to checking your submissions!


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HQ3DMOD wrote
It's not a good news :) How many times you will increase the deadline?
MillionthVector wrote
"Only 3ds Max and Maya formats are accepted (.max, .3ds, ma, .ma)" Maybe take that part off?