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We’ve Reached 5 Million Users in Our Designer Community

January 24th, 2022

We’ve Reached 5 Million Users in Our Designer Community

This just in - we are beyond excited to announce a huge milestone for CGTrader. Our Marketplace is now over 5 million strong! A huge thank you to each and every one of our 3D designers who have been a part of this achievement.

Since our journey began, we’ve experienced rapid growth and are incredibly proud of our brilliant community of 3D designers and artists. Only a year ago, we were celebrating our 3 million milestone.

Following the explosion of interest in the metaverse, demand for 3D is skyrocketing. The 3D industry is now attracting more interest than ever before. Once considered to be a niche market, the applications of 3D now extend into almost every industry imaginable. From education, to science and healthcare, music and art, gaming, eCommerce and more.

To celebrate and give something back, CGTrader Marketplace is having a Milestone 3D Model Sale with massive discounts.

We’ve Reached 5 Million Users in Our Designer Community 1

Community First

CGTrader was founded on the principles of creating a fair and designer-friendly marketplace for designers worldwide. With each transaction, our sellers can earn up to 80% of the royalties, by far the most competitive rate in the market.

“CGTrader was built upon the realization that the market was lacking a designer-friendly place for 3D designers to sell their digital work. That’s why our founder, Marius Kalytis, a professional 3D designer himself, created this company to put designers first, ensuring quality work, and fairness in rewards. Now, as we celebrate this milestone, we believe our mindset and commitment have been key to our incredible growth.”

- Dalia Lasaite, Co-Founder and CEO, CGTrader

The numbers speak for themselves - the self-service CGTrader Marketplace currently showcases more than 1.4 million 3D models with more than 666k transactions made in the last year alone. And in 2021, the total amount of payouts to designers surpassed a booming $12M!

Looking forward, one of our core goals for 2022 is to continue to support our users, looking at ways to make the designer community even better. And this is where your voice counts. And this is where your voice counts. Have a specific idea or feedback to help us improve? We want to hear from you.

In addition to Marketplace, our B2B arm ARsenal enables enterprise customers to transform their 2D product images into photorealistic 3D models for Augmented Reality and other 3D customer experiences. Over the past year, ARsenal has gone from strength to strength, now the world’s most scalable 3D content production engine for business.

We’ve Reached 5 Million Users in Our Designer Community 2

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