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CGTrader is Already 3 Million Big!

September 30th, 2020

CGTrader is Already 3 Million Big!

It’s official - CGTrader 3D community has already reached 3 million registered users milestone. We’re so glad that our ranks are growing so rapidly - just a year ago we celebrated 2 million of CGTraders!

Most importantly, we would not have reached the 3,000,000 mark without all of you. CGTrader has always been a community effort and we appreciate your enthusiasm over the years. You have helped turn our vision into a reality and made CGTrader not only the most designer-friendly but also world’s biggest 3D content marketplace.

CGTrader registered users growth throughout the years:

CGTrader is Already 3 Million Big! 1

To celebrate and give back to our 3D community, we organized a #CGTspecial Giveaway with the possibility to win Marketplace Vouchers, Free Sales and Credits you could use here at CGTrader. It was great to see you all actively participating, however, the prize pool had only a total of 58 prizes. You can see who won over here: #CGTspecial Giveaway Winners

We would also like to thank our partners for collaboration: TraceParts,,

Here's to our evergrowing 3D community and many more special milestones in the future!


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iterateCGI wrote
Congratulations, great team effort, always knew CGtrader would become number 1 ;-)
Novaby3D wrote
ainaritxu14 wrote
ainaritxu14 Look my profile low poly 3d models, cheap and well done. Volkswagen car, gas station horse, animations, star wars character... I hope you like it
ainaritxu14 wrote
Ali-Nasiri wrote
but last year I sold more things :D
rushidimber wrote
I just started few months before... and growing little slowly
virusyct wrote
more like 3 million crap
virusyct wrote
all the free models from other sites are being sold here.
CONUS3d wrote
coming soon 100 million love CGTRADER
KIAN-SHAMSHIRI Take a look at my profile, hope you like my models. Wish you a healthy day, Kian
mhamik wrote
Congratulation to team. Growing it's a good thing and better the mutual support ;-)
ASAPRO wrote
Fantasyart3d wrote
You should enter the field of digital illustration, like TurboSquid. It's a step beyond 3D marketplace.