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We're starting a new PBR Challenge: Interior Design

January 10th, 2018

We're starting a new PBR Challenge: Interior Design

Are you ready for another challenge? We’ve already awarded a total prize pool of $15,000 to winners of the Designer Schwag and Sports & the Hobbies challenges, and now we’re kicking off another friendly competition: this time we’re searching for the best PBR models of interior objects! Join our Interior Design Challenge today!

Eligible models

This is a single-object model challenge, so no environments or interior sets can enter the competition. You can, however, take items from your pre-existing sets and enter them in the contest as separate entries (as long as they meet other requirements). Check out our list of ideas for entries, which includes chairs, vases, chandeliers, table lamps, drying racks, and picture frames, and much more!

Compatibility and technical requirements

This is a PBR challenge, therefore we’ll need an OBJ geometry file with BaseColor, Metallic and Roughness, including optional Normal, AO and Opacity maps. All entries must work well with Adobe Dimension CC (formerly known as Project Felix).

For a complete list of all technical requirements, see the terms and conditions section.


With a total prize pool of $7,500, we are giving out $6,000 in cash prizes. There will be six winners in two categories: Best model and Portfolio. Designers who submit more than two approved models for the competition will be eligible to win the Portfolio award. You can see the prize distribution below:


Best model

1st place


$1,500 + a year’s subscription to Creative Cloud by Adobe

2nd place


$1,000 + a year’s subscription to Creative Cloud by Adobe

3rd place


$500 + a year’s subscription to Creative Cloud by Adobe

Exposure on Adobe Stock 3D

In addition to huge cash prizes you will have the opportunity to become a contributor to the Adobe Stock 3D marketplace and get additional sales from there! This will be hassle-free and completely taken care of for you by CGTrader.

Intellectual property and trademark usage

We’re very serious about intellectual property (IP) in our challenges. This challenge has several pitfalls, as most interior object designs are proprietary. We will not accept models containing trademarks or other non-proprietary content, so make sure you enter only unique models, and not copies of real-life objects. Read our short article on avoiding IP issues to find out more.


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vbagdonas wrote
Hello, enlight3dmodel. We're still waiting for a couple of judges to cast their votes. Can't really tell you when that will happen, but, as soon as it does, we'll announce the winners on the blog.