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VR Watercraft Competition Winners Revealed!

December 5th, 2016

VR Watercraft Competition Winners Revealed!

Talking about our challenges, the first thing that comes to our head is "another one bites the dust.." And so it's finally time to publish the winners of the VR Watercraft challenge - please note that due to not enough eligible entries to the portfolio category, we will be awarding 4 winners for best model category, with the portfolio prizes going to the 2nd place winner.

Now, all aboard to the winners (who, as we mentioned, hopefully won't sink)!

4th place: Norwegian fishing boat by Tibor Orsos

3rd place: Photorealistic Low Poly Raft by bEtAn

2nd place: Warship - Destroyer by Maverik Hersa

1st place: Low Poly Pirate Ship by Ben

And there we have it! Congratulations to all the winners - you will be contacted by CGTrader in two weeks time.

A big thank you goes to our sponsors Fox Renderfarm, Exlevel, iCube R&D Group, Cheetah3D, Visual Designer, ShaderMap, PixPlant, SolidRocks, TopoGun for making this challenge happen. Bon voyage!


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