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October 31st, 2012

The Winners of Halloween Mini Challenge

Halloween has finally arrived and I can honestly say that I think this year’s festivities are going to go down in the history books as the darkest, most intensely celebrated wickedness yet. It is not because of the storm which is damaging everything around and leaving neighborhood filled with branches and a lot of downed trees. So if you survived this storm and are online, you should be glad. You will be one of the firsts who will know the winners of Halloween Mini Challenge. So, not waiting for a next Halloween, we are announcing the scariest but the best models.

3rd place was given to the typical accent for festivity. 3D model of Halloween Pumpkins made by lightstudio.Author gave a full technical description of his 3D model. Also provided a good quality with three various models of pumpkins into it. Lightstudio has 45 models at our marketplace for different categories, but this one was the first one from scary type. 2nd place goes to 3dmodeler and his Haunted Halloween House

3Dmodeler presents a high quality and game ready 3D model of old fashioned house with spiderwebs, coffins and Halloween pumpkins around it. Neverthless, author added 5 paragraphs of description, which fully shows, how much work he did here. Check it out.

The 1st place belongs to the scariest model by codethislab

It is a big honor to announce this author and his Giant Tentacular Monster the winner of our challenge. Codethislab was noticed before at our blogsphere because of his infinite fantasy for creating models. He has a huge collection for scary or creepy, hence high quality 3d models.

We are thankful for all new and old members who were brave enough to take this challenge. Scary but warm Halloween for everyone

The Winners of Halloween Mini Challenge 1


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