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The Future Vehicles Challenge: Unravel the Future Travel

September 1st, 2014

The Future Vehicles Challenge: Unravel the Future Travel

There are so many mechanical innovations and crazy inventions that technologically it is already entirely possible to have a part car, part drone, part plane parked in your garage. It does sound a little insane, but only because it’s a completely new concept to us. We don’t realize that when we’re on a plane, we’re basically flying on a drone, as drones are based on the exact same technology. Does having a personal flying vehicle in front of your home excite you or scare you?

The idea of future vehicles being completely different to those that we own today is fascinating and intimidating at the same time, however the world-changing innovations that are coming our way are inevitable. We’re already being introduced to a number of future car technologies that will change the way we drive and travel in general. Future cars will be able to communicate to each other and with objects around them (it’s called Vehicle-to-Vehicle or V2V communication); self-driven cars will be seen as norm, not as Google’s eccentric experiments; Augmented Reality (AR) dashboards and GPS systems that will be able to identify objects in front of a vehicle and tell the driver how far they are away from the object or even bring up arrows showing the driver how to manoeuvre in order not to collide with the other car may become integral to every car; finally, a possibility of a car emitting pure oxygen into the atmosphere exists. Remember that the sat-nav idea was once a wild sci-fi dream, too.

Designing a future vehicle is a liberating experience, since there are no rules and no expectations. The Future Vehicles challenge is aimed at those who can’t help but wonder what the future supercars will look like, how we’ll travel from point A to point B and what new and captivating features these vehicles will possess.

Do not limit yourself to the conventional means of transport, let’s explore all possible methods of travelling – from electric rickshaws, to two-wheeled part drone, part car monsters or even flying trams. Any computer-generated 3D model of a fantasy concept vehicle is welcome, as we join our forces in unraveling the future travel.

Prizes and T&Cs here.

The challenge is sponsored by DAZ3D, Exlevel, Quixel, 3D Connexion and CGTrader.



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