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New marketplace improvement: model pages

November 14th, 2018

New marketplace improvement: model pages

CGTrader is constantly improving your experience of the platform. Our last couple of updates improved the way creators can upload their 3D models to CGTrader, create collections automatically and edit multiple models at once. Now, we are introducing one of the largest updates, which will improve how customers use the platform.

The model pages are being revamped this month: some changes have already been made and more will be rolled out in the next few weeks. We are using designer and buyer feedback, as well as our extensive marketplace performance data to make presenting 3D models and discovering them easier for everyone.

More love to the author

New marketplace improvement: model pages 1

Authors will be showcased more prominently in every model page. Buyers will also be able to hire designers for custom work straight from the model page.

Better presentation

We know how important it is to easily access and assess information about the model, so we are making visual changes to how it is presented to make life easier for the buyers.

Opportunities to sell more 3D models

From now on, model pages will show every collection the model is in, letting customers easily buy your models in bulk. This helps buyers find more models with the same theme, style and technical quality. Both buyers and designers have asked for this feature, and now you can promote your works simply by creating a collection.

To do this, use our 3D collection feature, which automatically lists most technical details for every model in the collection and even generates a simple preview image. Don’t wait to have create a new 3D model collection on CGTrader!

There are other updates and improvements coming out for the 3D model pages in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!


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