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New 3D Challenge: Abstract Elements

October 31st, 2017

New 3D Challenge: Abstract Elements

We are excited to announce our new 3D Challenge: Abstract Elements! For some 3D artists, visualizing sci-fi or mythical creatures is a more difficult task than building a 3D model of a photorealistic, real-world object. For others the opposite is true. With our new challenge, CGTrader is bringing everyone a task that is both complex and easy at the same time.

As you can already tell from the name of the challenge, we are looking for high quality, realistic models of various shapes and forms found in nature, graphic design or thought-of by people. Not sure where to start? Create a flame, cloud or smoke. Design a top-facing 3D flower, an ornate leave or create an ornamental work like filigree. How about making a decorative frame for use in a surrealistically designed composition. Make a water splash or a crystal. Turn a plain geometric shape into a decorative piece of art or shatter glass, creating a pattern of fractured shards. As usual, we have crafted the list of ideas of what could work in the challenge page. Put your imagination to work and show us how stunning and interesting 3D can be even when working on simpler objects!

The theme of the competition is rather broad and many different objects could qualify, but similar to Designer Schwag and Sports & Hobbies challenges the technical requirements are pretty specific and should be carefully taken into consideration. These models are intended to work well with the Adobe Dimension CC app, formerly known as Project Felix, and for use in the Adobe Stock 3D collection. To be eligible for this challenge, it is important to review the technical requirements. Want a quick reminder and a tip? We have a visual guide section of Do’s & Don’ts illustrating all the technical requirements and where to check specific properties.

In addition to this, based on our learning from all the previous challenges, we have prepared a blog post about perfecting model presentation and avoiding intellectual property (IP) issues. We highly recommend you taking 4 minutes to read this, as it will help you avoid unnecessary hardships.

And where are the winners of Designer Schwag and Sports & Hobbies challenges? With this new challenge we surely haven’t forgotten our previous ones. We want to again apologize for the delay, but everything is moving forward and we hope to announce them soon! On the bright side, there are some additional good news: the models who have moved through the full process of those two challenges are already on CGTrader profile on Adobe Stock. We also have seen first sales happening, so we will transfer payments to the designers together with next payments from CGTrader.

Abstract Elements challenge is again a great opportunity for you to win amazing cash prizes and subscriptions to different Adobe apps, but also a chance to connect to the graphic design community via art.

Use this opportunity to become a part of the future of 3D content and join before January 5, 2018!


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