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CGTrader's Top Searched Keywords - Q2 2016

June 30th, 2016

CGTrader's Top Searched Keywords - Q2 2016

So the year continues and stats continue to accumulate! We have the most searched keywords for the second quarter of 2016. What has changed since the previous report?

The most popular keyword for the last three months was... "chair", same as the last time! You people can't get enough of chairs because you're modeling so many architectural interiors. It is followed by "car" and "table". In fact, "table" bumped "tree" down to the fourth place - so while loyalty to automobiles is undying, architectural interiors and furniture are gaining ground. In fact, it is dominated by interior decoration items to such extent that our graph looks like the buy menu in the The Sims. Other than that, there had not been many other changes in keywords of their positions. You can guess that various categories of interiors will remain lucrative, but also highly competitive. However, you can still get attention by modeling human characters!

CGTrader's Top Searched Keywords - Q2 2016 1

So, how do you feel about the keywords of the last quarter? We would definitely like to read your comments, insights and opinions in the comments below!


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LemonadeCG wrote
Keep those articles coming! It is really helpfull for designers who are looking for what to model next :]
leblanc999 wrote
you cast info, artist, cd art, year of release, ranking, and also the iPhone and iPad which services most current iOS.