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CGTrader's Top Searched Keywords - Q1 2016

March 30th, 2016

CGTrader's Top Searched Keywords - Q1 2016

The first quarter of the year 2016 is down and out, and we have some stats for you. According to our data, the top search keyword of the past three months was – drum roll – “chair!” Yes, people have been dying to get to those 3D-modeled chairs. It was followed by “car” and “tree.” It’s not surprising, really, with automobiles being one of the most lucrative categories last year. As for “tree”, it probably reflects a growing trend of outdoor architectural visualization. In general, architectural visualization seems to rule the day, as most of the top 20 keywords are related to various things you can find in your household.

Use this information wisely and it will impact your sales. Maybe it’s a good time to be looking into modeling home appliances and furniture! However, if you want to be creative, you can surely model more robots… or dragons, as “dragon” is one of those keywords that almost made the list.

CGTrader's Top Searched Keywords - Q1 2016 1

Surprised? Delighted? Have a good guess what words will dominate the next quarter? Share your thoughts with us.


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edil wrote
Thank you! Great information.
mykolas-st wrote
chairs will take over the world
smarakesch wrote
i need to sit ...
nate-schnase wrote
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onlyasif wrote
Thanks!!! Very useful information.