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CGTrader's Batch Uploader  – put your whole portfolio on the marketplace in one go

June 8th, 2018

CGTrader's Batch Uploader – put your whole portfolio on the marketplace in one go

We are introducing the new Batch Uploader, which lets you upload as many models as you want and manage them easily on your My Products page.

To try out the Batch Uploader, all you need to do is prepare a single Batch folder with separate folders in it for each model. Do not forget to archive your textures, otherwise they will be recognized as preview images!

CGTrader's Batch Uploader  – put your whole portfolio on the marketplace in one go 1

An example of a Batch Upload file structure

Afterwards, drag the Batch folder to the upload window and check whether the Uploader has recognized your files and file structures accurately. You will be able to add additional files for the model afterwards. Then sit back and wait a while for your models to upload. Model drafts will be automatically created in your My Products page.

NOTE: keep your browser window open until the upload is finished. You can edit your models or browse CGTrader in another window without restrictions.

CGTrader's Batch Uploader  – put your whole portfolio on the marketplace in one go 2

You will see the upload progress bar at the bottom of the My Products page

If you want to upload a model file that is not yet supported by the Uploader, contact us at

Model drafts

From now on, you are able to prepare multiple assets for the marketplace and publish them at some later time. You can create multiple drafts by uploading your models through the Batch Uploader. Once you start editing your draft, you will be taken to our standard 3D model publisher.

Drafts created through the Batch Uploader will have some pre-set elements in the publisher, like software types and preview images. Folder names will be treated as your model names. The Uploader recognizes only the Latin script, so do not use other alphabets or special symbols.

You can come back and edit or publish any model whenever you want.

My Products page

With the introduction of the Batch Uploader, we have also significantly improved the My Products page:

  • Improved navigation: filter models by file format, sort, search and see income next to each model.
  • Quick model editing: change prices and names of any model.
  • Draft management: prepare your models before publishing.

CGTrader is putting all of its effort into developing and introducing advanced products for designers on the site. The Batch Uploader is one of these features, along with a completely remade Seller’s Dashboard, CGTrader Analytics, Hire Me templates and other minor fixes and improvements.

We’d love to hear your feedback on this new feature in the comments under this post.


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figster wrote
Sounds good.
skazok wrote
It is good but... I think it would be better if we could see an amount of views per item on My Products page like before.
nacl wrote
@skazok Now number of views is under analytics.
ZetoCG wrote