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CGTrader introduces the unique Analytics tool for designers

March 12th, 2018

CGTrader introduces the unique Analytics tool for designers

In a time when data is gold, we want to share premium insights with our community.

Our Analytics tool has gotten a serious revamp! Designers on CGTrader can access exclusive marketplace data whenever they want and no longer need to wonder what to create next. The only requirement to start accessing this data is to have at least 5 models on the marketplace.

What’s new?

No more broad categories – from now on our Analytics are based on keywords, bringing you extremely precise data about the marketplace, customers needs, and available models.

The static interface has been completely changed. Previously, you could only see very basic information about the marketplace, but now Analytics offers additional, expanded data fields, which show you data about searches, distribution in terms of quality, sales distribution, liquidity and other information, all in real time!

We have also added different levels of complexity to keywords used in the tool, therefore users will be able to find many niches in the market to fill. A simple tier system lets more experienced designers dive deeper into market trends and keywords, while the integrated keyword phrase search function allows more interactivity and planning for the sophisticated designer.

In total, our Analytics tool provides 100 keywords for each of the three filters (Category, Subcategory and Model Tags), in addition to 100 Deficit Keywords and thousands of other keywords through the Keywords Search bar.

If you want to find out more about Analytics, click here or watch our Analytics Intro video below to get a feel of the tool and its possibilities.

The Tier System

The tool is available to every designer with at least 5 models uploaded on CGTrader, but there is a Tier system to provide adequate information to designers at every level of experience.

In short, the first tier levels are targeted towards novice designers who want to simply improve their portfolio or are wondering what to create, and have no use for being swamped with hundreds of data points. With each easily reachable tier level, designers will gain access to additional data and will be able to analyze more and more keywords. The most experienced users will have access to search phrases and deficit keywords, and will be able to focus on less popular, niche assets. You will be able to easily see everything you need to do to get to the next Tier level at the bottom of the Analytics page.

Please read our post explaining the Tier system.

CGTrader Analytics. Discover your edge in the 3D market.


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Oh! Awesome news! Thank you =) But, link "post explaining the Tier system" doesn't work. Please fix it..
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Charly, should be good now ;)