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Meet the new seller's dashboard!

April 16th, 2018

Meet the new seller's dashboard!

We’re happy to announce the revamp of the seller’s dashboard, which boasts a new interface, easier access to information and better overall usability. Read on to find out what’s new.

The dashboard has become a lot more visual and interactive, with most elements (graphs, numbers and tooltips) giving you additional information as you hover your mouse over them. Most of these elements are also clickable and will allow you to access more detailed information.

The Earnings tab

Meet the new seller's dashboard! 1

The Earnings tab is on the top left of the dashboard and shows you your earnings after royalties. The number next ‘this month’ shows you your latest sale, you can click it to quickly access data on all of your sales. Hover over the graph to see how much you’ve earned each month.

The Models tab

Meet the new seller's dashboard! 2

The top Models tab has two diagrams, which show you the total number of models you have published and those that need improvement. Hover or click the diagram to go to the Models improvement section of your profile. There, you’ll find everything you need to do to improve the presentation and ranking of your models.

The average publishing score aggregates scores of all models in your portfolio. The better you publishing score is, the higher you rank in our search and in Google searches. You can increase this score by improving your model descriptions, adding more preview images, file formats, and model tags.

You will also see buyer ratings which can be viewed on your public profile.

The Reputation tab

Meet the new seller's dashboard! 3

How’s your reputation? Hover over the diagram to find out your royalty rate and how many points you need to get to the next level or click ‘Learn more’ so get more details on levels. This tab also shows how fast and how often you respond to private messages – keep in mind that customers want great service and take these numbers seriously.

The new dashboard will also include

Trending models – you will be able to see the top performing models and trending designers. You can click on the name of any model or designer in the table to go to its page. Learn from the best!

CGTrader news – feature announcements (like this one), interviews, inspirational posts and insights into the market. Click any title, image or category to quickly access its page.

Meet the new seller's dashboard! 4

Jobs – quick overview of the newest freelance 3D job postings and information about your ongoing works. You can select the job filter, visit the page of a job or apply to jobs straight from the dashboard.

Meet the new seller's dashboard! 5

Top designers – our renewed and enhanced ranking board! Use the table filters to see the top performing designers of the week or month in terms of reputation and number of uploads. You can click a username to visit its page.

Analytics – a snippet of our massive Analytics tool. Hover on the models, avg. price or sales columns to get additional information on any keyword. Click the CGTrader or Google icons to open searches for the keyword. Clicking ‘Show more’ will open the Analytics page. You can read more about Analytics here.

We want your feedback!

We make these changes to improve your experience. Please tell us what you think about the new dashboard by leaving your comments, suggestions or complaints under this post.



    Tell us what you think!

    charly-1 wrote
    Wow! Nice update! I like the new placement of the all things on the main page =) Keep it up, guys!
    viktor-petrovich wrote
    great, but not mobile friendly -
    Tecna wrote
    Hello, Good job. Congratulations. It is very visual and intuitive, with a lot of interesting information. I just miss some data from the old model stats section ( free downloads, models view, likes )
    Supercigale wrote
    Woow, it's a really good surprise, just perfect, congrats for all CGT team and a particular Bravo for the development team ;)
    kanal3d wrote
    Perfect. Nice update!
    cgseeds wrote
    Love it! Very nice overview, always wanted something like this , so thanks! :D
    iterateCGI wrote
    The new dashboard indeed looks awesome but how can I get to the previous overview of the community activity? Went looking for it it via the forum button but then I got the view with all the separate topics, is there a button somewhere that leads to the complete view of all activity like it did in previous dashboard? Maybe provide a link to it in this new dashboard?
    zabotlama wrote
    Very nice, besides the useful information I love the visual style including the loading rotating circles and the initial animation when the royalties graph and all the pie charts are rising from zero level. )))
    skazok wrote
    Looks good, certainly I like it :)
    franmarz wrote
    Impressive. Congratulations and thank you for your efforts on improving our experience here
    zlesinskas wrote
    Tecna, if I understand correctly, you're looking for info we have at . IterateCGI, just click on Community in top navigation bar:) You will end up in the same old Community overview page.
    spenelo wrote
    Only thing I miss from the new console is the forum section. Could find and go and like other artists new work quickly!
    LemonadeCG wrote
    I'm not sure if i like the new changes. Sure it looks nice and fresh now, but a lot of funcionality has been taken away and what's left is just wrapped in shiny paper. The only thing i really like, is that there's no more all that stupid forum shouts "take a look at my brand new shiny model!". Sorry, but i see a glass half empty.
    bizkit001 wrote
    This is all very AWESOME!!!! Just one Question / Suggestion.... Can there not be a link on the quantity of published models to take you to your Public profile page? I know you can click on your profile pic, but I keep clicking on the models published first then to remember I must click on my PP.. It works great on my mobile, but you cannot go into the jobs on mobile...
    steffe-engdahl wrote
    I love this update, really sleek looking. Great job! :)
    salexniks2 wrote
    Very nice! Although somehow, this is more individual, I liked it more like before, when I clicked on the dasboard next to the first page, it was kind of subtle, but again it's my personal opinion all in all, a good job
    alexlashko wrote
    Well done team, another great update!
    tigashark01 wrote
    This is Awesome, Please role this out ASAP.
    Zet wrote
    It's great, but I think that for example the ability to link a sketchfab 3d previewer is much more important than cool interface (this feature was there before, but CGT removed it for some reason). Or ability to save a draft products, to import files from dropbox when uploading product, etc.