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CG Furniture Set Challenge Winners announced!

January 3rd, 2017

CG Furniture Set Challenge Winners announced!

Another Challenge is done. With all the fuss surrounding the holidays, it took a while to find out the winners, but some things are definitely worth waiting for. The judges have spoken. These 5 models have been chosen as the best ones in the Furniture Set Challenge. Countdown from no. 5 begins here!

#5 - Bed with wooden base Restoration Hardware HERRINGBONE by Rawneyo

#4 - Bar stool set by lance_lott

#3 - Interior models by Jack YU

#2 - Table with chairs set by Tomasz Warzecha

#1 - Bart type Island by avd-studio

Big thank you goes to our sponsors:

Quixel,, Fox Renderfarm, Cebas Visual Technology, Solidrocks, Pixplant, Shadermap, Visual Designer 3D, Cheetah 3D, R&D Group, Exlevel

The winners will be notified within two weeks. Cheers!


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matit333 wrote

Congrats to winners! (Really beautiful works)

formform wrote


Semsa wrote

Congratulations :)