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Bridging the gap between 2D and 3D - CGTrader is launching a new 3D challenge

June 28th, 2017

Bridging the gap between 2D and 3D - CGTrader is launching a new 3D challenge

You might have already spotted the new design challenge on CGTrader - 3D Challenge: Designer Schwag and wondered, what’s the deal with those pretty straightforward model requirements. This challenge is something a bit more than a regular competition and a chance to model something amazing that would impress fellow designers or those likely to put your model to an interesting new use. With this challenge, CGTrader wants to give our 3D community of artists access to a new group of creatives - 2D designers.

Though the theme of the competition is broad and many different objects could qualify, the technical requirements are rather specific and should be carefully taken into consideration. The goal of this challenge is to create 3D models that would work well with a new beta from Adobe called Project Felix and for use in the Adobe Stock 3D collection. Project Felix makes it easy for graphic designers to composite 2D and 3D assets to mock-up product shots, scene visualizations and brand concepts. With that in mind, this challenge could get your 3D models in front of a whole new community of designers.

Dalia Lasaite, the CEO of CGTrader, says that this challenge is a unique opportunity for both the CGTrader and Adobe design communities. “We believe that Project Felix is a breakthrough idea.Text as a form of communication has evolved to incorporate images and 3D is a great next step in this evolution. Text, as a form of communication, has already been replaced by images, and the next step in this evolution is 3D. In this transition, transfer of knowledge and simplification of modelling or usage processes, will be the key, so we are excited to help the project at the same time broadening audience for our community.”

Join 3D Challenge: Designer Schwag before August 10th and get an opportunity to become a contributor to the Adobe Stock 3D marketplace with no additional work on your end. Learn more about the competition here.


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LemonadeCG wrote
I found some contradicting statements here: in the poster it is written "join befare august 10" and later in the article it is written "join before july 20th". What is correct date?
ginvile wrote
@LemonadeCG, and it's fixed. Thanks for the note ;)