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May 3rd, 2012

April Challenge Results

April Challenge Results 1

April was a special month here at CGTrader. Not only our library increased by over 800 3D models, a monthly traffic growth of 35% - 40% for a third month in a row, but we have also had a month-long CGTrader Challenge, where we had 60 participants!
Every new upload was entered into competition, and at the end of the month we have selected the best 3D Stock Seller and the best 3D Models for Sale.


We had a difficult time selecting the winners out of everything that was uploaded this month. However, out earlier announced criterias have finally helped us and we are excited to announce the results.

Firstly, let me remind you of prizes:

  • For the best 3D Stock Seller - $500 cash and $1000 worth of CGTrader credits
  • For the best 3D Model for Sale - $200 cash and $500 worth of CGTrader credits

So Best 3D Stock Sellers are:

3rd place - Pumper

2nd place - Milviz

1st place - VKModels

Best 3D Models for Sale are:

3rd place - Audi TT Collection

April Challenge Results 2
2nd place - T-Rex Cartoon
April Challenge Results 3
1st place - Western Horse (by NONECG)
April Challenge Results 4
Congratulations to VKModels and NONECG, and for everybody else, please subscribe to our RSS feed or like us on Facebook, just to make sure you do not ever miss upcoming challenges!


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