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3D Print Fashion Challenge: When Fashion Week is Every Week

September 29th, 2014

3D Print Fashion Challenge: When Fashion Week is Every Week

It’s funny how fashion trends never really change completely. Once every twenty thirty years we get to see the same patterns, styles and materials take the world by storm. Except the times when brand new things are introduced and they’re so good they never go out of style: like tights, or jeans, or 3D-printed items. That’s right, we’re confident that 3D-printed fashion pieces are here to stay.

World renowned fashion designers like Iris van Herpen and Francis Bitonti have turned to 3D printing to jazz up their collections, while celebrities like Lady Gaga and Dita von Teese risked showing up at red carpet events wrapped up in 3D-printed garments (with much success!).

And while a few years ago 3D printing was considered to be something out-of-this-world experience with a touch of NASA secrecy, it is much closer to the consumer today. The ranks of home users are growing rapidly, people are much better acquainted with the possible applications of the technology and willingly embrace them. 3D printing is slowly becoming our second nature.

So what effect can 3D printing have on fashion? Powerful, we believe. If you can print a bowtie of your choice in your living room, why bother spending hours in shopping malls? Fashion, like many other industries, is heading towards complete customization and personalization. It’s all about helping the buyer stress their unique personality and take on fashion. 3D printing makes it simple and comparatively cheap to have something bespoke designed and printed just for you. It does make you feel more in control of your choices.

The 3D Print Fashion Challenge is a window to the future. We are giving you full control (you are welcome) – decide for yourself what the hot trends will be, the must-haves, the new design masterpieces and old-but-transformed bestsellers. How will 3D printing change the way we choose and wear everything from clothes to shoes and essential accessories like bags, hats or belts? Will the customization option bring in more creativity or chaos? Will we see hundreds of different designs of the same item and pop-up street stalls with 3D-printed goodies or will we opt for one-of-a-kind designs?

Mix and match and show us the face of the future fashion.

3D Print Fashion Challenge: When Fashion Week is Every Week  1

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