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3D Architecture Challenge: Make The World Wonder

October 25th, 2013

3D Architecture Challenge: Make The World Wonder

We all have dreams. To be sincere, we often dream about material things - devices, stylish clothes, jewelry, cars and houses. Big mansions, fancy villas, complex skyscrapers or even scrubby but detailed cribs. Feel free to dream about anything you want. And to show it to others.

When you were a kid, you probably liked to draw a lot. Kids often draw houses or their rooms. It is relevant - home is the place where we spend most of our time, so we have a vivid remembrance of it. Later we spend significant amount of time at work. Actually, we are almost always surrounded by buildings. Whether we are inside or outside, there is architecture all around us.

Thereby, listen up all those who will dare to take this challenge - our advice is simple - look around! There are a lot of inspiring buildings in the cities we live in. Also, everything with an unconventional shape can be an inspiration for a form of a building or a detail of the interior.

This is what we offer you - a brilliant opportunity to realize your dream. Create a design of a building or an interior for 3D Architecture Challenge. There are two categories in it. That is right - two of them: exterior and interior. And the winners of them will get useful and valuable goods from our sponsors.

We have some serious stuff over here - first of all, the most professional software for rendering an architectural 3D model - V-Ray. We also offer you a chance to get the solution for design, visualization and architectural communication from Twinmotion. And we have hardware this time! The Space Mouse could make your modeling process much easier.

You have plenty of time to make an extraordinary design and upload it. The deadline is the 15th of December.

3D Architecture Challenge: Make The World Wonder 1

Prize Pool

Sponsored prizes are worth $23,000.

Winners of each category

The main prize is V-Ray license from Chaos Group.

Of course, that is not all! In fact, the winner will get a massive stack of valuable gadgets and services:

1st & 2nd runner-ups of each category

Runner-ups will get amazing bunch of prizes as well. Each of four runner-ups (two in each category) will get Space Navigator by 3DConnexion, HDRI Skies Best Sellers collection by Hyper Focal Design, 1 video of choice on TheCGSchool, ScalpelMax and StairsMAXplug-in by Cebas, GrowFX plug-in by Exlevel, SolidRocks plug-in by Subburb, 50 EUR Coupon to spend on VizPark, Platinum Membership account on Plaintextures, rendering credits by RanchComputing, and CGTrader T-shirt.

7 weeks is a lot of time to create a masterpiece. Turn on your imagination - create the best architectural model and upload it till the 15th of December. Make the world wonder!


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carlybarboz wrote
Congrats guys. Hope you had a tough competition and you learned a lot from each others work. You can check some nice realistic 3d rendering work by agencies like That was my first experience with realistic 3D architectures. I would love to have my home designed in 3D so that I can choose my favorite colors designs and interiors live..