Lobster Boat

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This is a 61cm or 2 feet long 3d model of a customizable lobster boat(customized for 3d printing). This contains only .stl file. So. you can 3d print the boat and use it in your RC projects. This boat has a total of 10 3d printable parts. 4 parts for the hull and four for the bridge. And remaining two parts are the rudder and rudder shaft. The maximum height of any part is less than 25cm. So, if you have a 3d printer that can print a maximum of 25cm on the Z axis, there will be no problem. I said that it is a customizable boat because it has no fixed position for batteries, servos, and other electronics. you can put them wherever you want and make a perfect balance. So, you can use any motor, servo, or battery that fits on the boat. The turbine shaft diameter is 3.2mm and the rudder shaft diameter is 2.2mm.

Some guide for 3d printing that you must follow:

  • This boat hull is solid inside. So, to create a hollow structure, you must print this boat with zero(0%) infill and reset the wall thickness(according to your need, 2mm wall thickness is recomended) in your slicer software. This gives you the control to set your own custom hull thickness, though it is a little bit complicated. But you can get your preferred thickness. Print other parts with 100% infill.

If you find difficulties for this setting, I am attaching an extra zip file named LobsterHull(100%infill). You can print the hull from here by just setting the infill rate 100%. It has a default hull thickness of 2mm.

  • Minimize the layer height to ensure a good surface finish.

Please contact me if certain thing needs to be upgraded or added or you face any dificulties during the 3d printing. Thank You. Happy 3d printing.

burgessbda 2023-01-03 19:29:02 UTC
how long does it take o print the hull? section by section
The3dBro 2023-01-04 17:26:07 UTC
Typically, 40-50 Hours(since it is a huge model). But it greatly varies on settings such as infill, wall thickness, etc.
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Lobster Boat
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Lobster Boat
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