Muscovy Duck Wall Art Commercial

Muscovy Duck Wall Art Commercial 3D print model


This was my bestselling physical print on Etsy. I had multiple requests for custom ducks, and the variations in the example pictures are the results. They're extremely quick prints even with multi-material (the 4 color takes less than 10 hours with a 0.4mm nozzle and 0.2mm layer height, slightly over 6 hours with a 0.4mm nozzle and 0.3mm layer height) , they consume very little filament, and they're oddly popular. It's also fun to play with different colors for the plumage and very easy to customize for customers looking for a personalized piece. They're designed in levels to enable single color printers to print this in multicolor with filament changes, and I have included 3mf files for both this method and multi-material. They can be scaled up as much as you'd like, or down as far as 40% with minimal loss of detail.

PLEASE NOTE: The stl included is for 300x300 print beds. Scale this down to 90% for standard print beds, or use the 3mf files associated with your printer. Files beginning with SINGLE are for single material printers, and files beginning with MM are for multi-material. The 3mfs are already scaled and oriented optimally for standard-sized print beds.

To achieve the feathery look in the pictures, set your top infill pattern to 'concentric'. A brim is recommended to prevent warping. Some models might need smaller brims and/or no skirts in order to fit on the bed.

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Muscovy Duck Wall Art Commercial
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Muscovy Duck Wall Art Commercial
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