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92k Moon 3D model

Need to produce stunning images of the Moon but all you can find are old low-resolution textures on websites long forgotten by time, or a wild maze of links to scientific archives with horrific naming and obscure file extensions? Not to worry, I've done all of that for you and you can now just skip to the fun part of creating great visuals.

Creating planetary imagery is a strong passion of mine and to produce the best possible results you need the highest quality source material. I've poured countless hours into acquiring, processing and converting planetary maps into formats usable by artists, and that work has translated into what some may call ludicrous textures. I call it future proof.

The textures in this scene were mostly derived from the data gathered by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, a probe that has been orbiting our neighbour since 2009. It has provided us with terabytes worth of information and the work is still ongoing.

From this data I've produced very high quality textures of the entire Moon. The maximum resolution is ridiculously high at 92160 by 46080, which means the detail level is stunning and stands up to close scrutiny. Every crater, hill and plateau is represented in the map, creating an intricately detailed landscape you could easily admire for hours.

Please note that due to the nature of the projection the accuracy of the map is lower the closer you get to the poles. The resolution should still be more than sufficient for high quality closeups.

The scene file included was created with Maya 2016 and V-Ray 3.2, both of which you need in order to produce renders.

Isn't this just using free Nasa textures you can find from their website? I checked them out before and put it onto a sphere which made something seemingly identical to this for no cost at all, full CC0 (no problem using it commercially) and took me 10 minutes. I'm just asking what the difference between this and mine is and how it's worth the enourmous $90 you are asking for, when mine is seemingly identical, quick to make and free? :)
Hi, and thanks for asking! The textures you can download from Nasa are derieved data products, meaning they use the same source material but are not the same as the files you see here. I've utilized the same source material for my textures, but used the absolute highest resolution versions available and then spent a lot of time cleaning them up manually. The satellite data is far from perfect and has loads of issues like visible seams if you start looking closer. For example, the height map you can easily get from Nasa is only 8-bit, while the one included here is 16-bit, which makes a huge difference when rendering displacements. The color map is also not greyscale as most you find online, but merged together from different wavelenghts to capture the subtle colors the Moon actually has. Furthermore, this product also includes the whole scene file where everything is set up ready for you. Shading, lighting etc. all are there, all you need to do is point the camera and render. To sum it up: yes, you can download similar textures for free. They usually work okay too, if you don't get too close and are okay fixing manually issues that creep up. My product has been processed way further and can save anyone wanting to render the Moon days or weeks of valuable production time. Hope that answers your question. Best Tuomas
Good answer, what you say does indeed check out. However, I am not sure the price is a good one, as in a sense you are re-packaging CC0 files which is indeed illegal. I won't be doing anything about it, but just making you aware as you seem a nice person, don't want you getting in trouble without knowing it. :)
Hi! Repackaging is a bit misleading since what I'm offering here represents several week's worth of research, experimentation and work. CC0 allows for adaptations and such heavy modification of the existing material counts as such. As for the price, like I said it can take days or weeks to get the Moon to look like this. The price I'm asking barely even covers the standard hourly rate in most western countries for studios and freelancers, so if you need the Moon for a commercial project you'd save a lot of money by just using an existing asset. I've also broken up the product into separate pieces so if you for example just need the displacement map, you can buy it for much cheaper. Best Tuomas
I reviewed after purchasing, but wanted to post this here as well to make sure it is clear that this is far from just a repack of free assets. I work at a planetarium and have looked all over the regular sources for an ultra resolution moon. This is a beautifully crafted asset that is much more than just a repack of freely available content. And compared to the prices others are charging at other 3D asset purchase sites, this is a great price.
Thank you for the positive comment! I'm super happy to see my work being used :)
Hello I would like to ask you a question. I work in a museum and I need a 3d model of the moon that can be printed in 3D. I would like to know if your file serves this purpose. The second query is that I need to exaggerate the scale of depth of the craters and mountains of the moon, I mean to apply an increase factor so that it can be apresiable when touching the printed moon ... do you think this is possible? I would greatly appreciate this response. Best regards.
Hi! Yes, this model can be used for 3D-printing and I have done so myself with another client. We printed an exaggerated section of the Moon's surface as cylinderical disc that was one meter in diameter. However, the model is not ready to go as is and requires some technical preparation work before it can be successfully printed. If you purchase the model for such an purpose, make sure that you have someone who can do the needed work. I'll be happy to give pointers and advice if needed :) Best Tuomas
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One of the BEST, in all the Moon models out there!!!!
I work at a planetarium and have looked all over the regular sources for an ultra resolution moon. This is a beautifully crafted asset that is much more than just a repack of freely available content. And compared to the prices others are charging at other 3D asset purchase sites, this is a great price.
92k Moon
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