Earn credits by inviting other designers to CGTrader!

You will get CGTrader credits and reputations points for every registration and uploaded models through your personal referral link:

+1 CGTrader credit for 1 uploaded model

+3 CGTrader credtis for 1 purchase of that person

+2 reputation points for 1 uploaded model

+5 reputation points for creating an account on CGTrader

People who register through your referral link receive +10 CGTrader credits to get a headstart on their own sales.

On your Referrals page you will:

  • Find your own original referral link.
  • See how many friends successfully joined using your link.
  • See how many reputation points you got from referrals.
  • See how many CGTrader credits you got from referrals.

  • Note: Be honest. We See Your IP. Good luck!