Electromagnetism Linear Motor Prototype

Electromagnetism Linear Motor Prototype Free 3D print model


Description: linear motor prototype, perfect as a project to understand and use your knowledge in electromagnetism. Developed by students of Tec de Monterrey.

Robust design. Will never brake apart. Every detail has been consider and validated. Precise measurements asure that magnets and batteries will always be in place, it is also considered a simple way to take them out of the prototype if needed by a hole in the lower part to push it out. Also every junction is precisely calculated. Also, it includes a cover designed to set in place all the magnets.

Materials: - 10 ferromagnetic magnets. (22m x 47.5mm) https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-1523274640-10-imanes-de-ferrita-de-47mm-x-22mm-x-9mm-rectangular-_JM#position=30&search_layout=stack&type=item&tracking_id=82aeeab7-2ffb-4baa-9142-a8651eac2301 - Two 9V batteries - MDF Wood 3mm - Hot glue/Kolaloka (Any glue to keep magnets and MDF in place) - Soldadura 0% Plata Cluxer (incluye 5 piezas se requieren 2)


Recomendations: Predetermined measurement for the MDF thickness is 3mm. The cut file is already created with layers for the inner and outer cuts. You can find it in your zip file as Final cut linear motor 3mm mdf.DXF.

If you want to perform any modifications to use another thickness of MDF you can, you have the files needed in the zip file.

Assembly: Use superglue/kolaloka in every step You can help yourself by using the screenshots attached of the cad Step 1 Assemble lower part of the model Step 2 Add the magnet grid, along the batteries and magnets Step 3 Finally add the rail retainers and cover for magnets to state in place.

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Electromagnetism Linear Motor Prototype
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Electromagnetism Linear Motor Prototype
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