Wildcat model upload stuck in "Generating your model... Automation check"

Discussion started by kshitiz1542

The task that I completed and updated in rar format is stuck in automation check, it's supposed to take less than 30 minutes but it has been more than 10 hours since it had been stuck in the progress bar. I tried reuploading it, but it is causing the same issue. I have a deadline of 3 days and also I cannot take on new tasks because of it. Has anyone faced this before? How can I solve this issue and send it to QA?


Posted about 2 months ago

Same issue for me also it says "The rendering process unexpectedly crashed. Please reach out to the assigned QA () for technical help." But they don't reply to messages...

Posted about 1 month ago

I got this response:

I believe you are experiencing issues with your browser.

Please try clearing the cookies/cache of your browser and try again. Alternatively, please try using a different browser.

Should the issue persist, please let us know.

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