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Why is there such stupid severe limit on comments on my own models? I can leave only 1 comment on my own model before i get message "sorry, you've reached limit on your comments. Please come back tomorrow". Does it really necessary? I often do updates and improvements on my models and i like to keep track of that by leaving comments, but with current limitations i just can't do that. I can understand necessity of limiting comments on other models to prevent spamming, trolling or reputation system abuse, but there shouldn't be limits on commenting one's own models.

Also, it would be good to have ability to hide, remove or at least flag abusive and offending comments on your own models without necessity to reach support every time. I know that this request have been posted somwhere already, but i think it won't hurt to repeat it one more time.


Posted about 4 years ago

This rule is set to avoid spam (I think so). Because with 1 comment you get 3 more points. So someone will comment hundreds of times a day to reach the target of 400,000 points (the maximum point to get 80% of the revenue). However, there are disadvantages when we reply, or to thank the other members who have commented on the product. I think cgtrader should weigh more on this rule!

Posted about 4 years ago

Award in reputation points for comments should be removed alltogether, because it leads to situation where everybody gets crapton of completely useless comments from freshly registered users who only want to download more free models. This only helps to collect garbage in CGT and serves no useful purpose at all. And funny that i can leave 10 or so comments per day on other model's until i reach the limit, but i am limited to 1 comment on my own model. Isn't that ridiculous?

Posted about 4 years ago

Points attributed to the comments lead to abusive situations, as well as points attributed to the "like"
CGT should rethink this system. Or differentiate points related to reputation and those that allow to increase royalties rate.
... hey guys .. i just won 3 points :)

Posted about 4 years ago

Hi everyone,

That's definitely true, I've noticed the limit on my own product comments is a bit annoying as well while testing. I'm specifying the task for that and we'll fix it once we can squeeze it into our work schedule.

Eddie, CGTrader

gustaikido wrote
this was 3 years ago.. lol

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