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I am new to CG traders.

recently I am having a problem that.When i browse for projects in freelance 3D projects section.

A pop up comes up "CG trader says that you are not supposed to see this."

Then when i press ok .it closes and it shows error and nothing.comes up.thats it

Pls help.i dont know if i Did something wrong .Or is it just some bug.


Posted 5 months ago

even its showing the same pop up for me...i dont know whats wrong

jjjopauljose wrote
Happy to see a brother sharing the same
umarmomin474 wrote
Now its loading fine for me...hope its the same for you
jjjopauljose wrote
Well It did fine after that day but it happened again yesterday.
Posted 5 months ago

I have the same problem

jjjopauljose wrote
I had one day then it was gone the other day .But yesterday I had it again.I am not sure whats the reason.I even emailed the the cgtrader but haven't received any emails back.
Posted 5 months ago

For those who are facing the same issues.
I just received and email from cgtraders .It goes like this
1.Try clearing cookies/cache of your browser and try again.
2.Or try using a different browser .
Hope this helps everyone like me.

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