why my model is pending? why my Reputation didnt rise?

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hi, i uploaded some new models, one of them is pending, from yesterday.

i uploaded another one, it published and it's ok, but the previous one, it's still pending!

and the other thing is, i was getting Reputation points after publishing my models, but it stops at 988!

i don't know why really, cause i reached rising star , but the number is stuck at 988. i think it should be on 1000 and more.


Posted 4 months ago

Probably one or few keywords (tags) triggered content monitoring system and now your model is pending for review. It's weekend now, so your model will likely be reviewed next week.

Posted 4 months ago

Sometimes it happens - reputation points after uploading the model does mot rise up on 20. I use edit mode - edit something (tag, description or upload another picture) and save.
+20 reputation is guarantied!

msjavadzade wrote
i did. i don't know why does it counts. of my last 4 models,2 models pending, 2 models published. i don't know why. still no rep too. it passed the weekend so it should be published by now. edditing didn't work too.
Posted 4 months ago

It is strange behavior. If something wrong with tags - editing will not help. If model fall into review - editing will not help too.
I remember the same happened with my pendant of form of the bullet - keyword "bullet" dropped my model into review. Only admin help in this case...

msjavadzade wrote
maybe. i'll wait. it seems i can do nothing about it. one of my models is a toy gun, it's understandable, but the other one is a villa :))) i don't understand what can be wrong about it.
Posted about 2 months ago

I think triggered tags is - rifle, weapon, gun, shooter. After using them, the probability of delay increases.

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