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Hello everyone, What do you think about using UDIM. Will there be advantages or disadvantages in sales?


Posted about 2 months ago

To my knowledge its a workflow mostly used in VFX, the advantage is you have these texture tiles and can have more or less resolution at selected areas on the model.

The thing is you never know where a customer is going to need more resolution on the model,
so basically you need high res everywhere on a stock media asset.

If you need high res everywhere anyways, then what advantage does providing UDIM’s have over providing a single high res texture?

Also, to my knowledge they don't use UDIM workflow in games?

designXmodeling wrote
Game engines are gradually increasing their support, but I guess not at the desired level. I guess it's not a good idea to use UDIM for now.
Posted about 1 month ago

We cannot got nice details for huge sets, We need to split UV's in UDIM for that, I am working in Animation industry nearly about 3 years now, and I find that UDIM is a great for sets...
For game engines I heard about Granite or something which is 3rd party plug which give us ability to transfer UDIM's into game engine I dont know about Unity but for unreal yes. it is posible.

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