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Hi guys!

Some of you asked for more statistics on CGTrader sales, most demanded models, and so on. We are very busy developing a pipeline of features, so it might take a bit to get to the statistics, but in the meantime I am sending you the 50 most searched keywords on CGTrader search. Please note the following:

- This is internal CGTrader's search. A lot of people search via Google and only enter to the item page of CGTrader, directly to your model. If you want to see what people search on Google for, you can try using Google Keyword Tool, enter "3D model", and see the related keywords. 

- As you see, the best keyword ever is "free" :) So if you can, make some of your models free - you will get a lot of attention which can lead to sales or custom jobs.

- When considering what to model, think about competition. For instance, car is a popular keyword, but there might be a lot of cars already. So take that into account when choosing what to model.

  1. free

  2. car

  3. table

  4. horse

  5. brain

  6. tree

  7. iron man

  8. house

  9. robot

  10. bike

  11. human

  12. ship

  13. girl

  14. bird

  15. gun

  16. man

  17. nude

  18. bullet

  19. soldier

  20. woman

  21. Print ready

  22. rigged

  23. female

  24. chair

  25. defender

  26. penis

  27. window

  28. dragon

  29. sofa

  30. bmw

  31. truck

  32. zombie

  33. people

  34. train

  35. statue

  36. helmet

  37. cat

  38. helicopter

  39. city

  40. spaceship

  41. sword

  42. printable

  43. ford

  44. cartoon

  45. camera

  46. renault 12

  47. lamp

  48. soccer

  49. weapon

  50. 3d

Good luck!


Posted almost 9 years ago

Very handy.

Posted almost 9 years ago

Still cannot understand who needs so many cars. There are tons of them everywhere.

Dalia wrote
I guess Squir, Humster3D and others could answer that question more precisely. But my guess would be that they are just used in a lot of applications, and are fairly standard - so you know what you get when you buy it. That's just my personal feeling, I'm sure car sellers could comment more elaborately :)
Posted almost 9 years ago

Can we expect a similar functionality added somewhere to the user dashboard or in another place? It would be really helpful to know what the most sought after models are.

Dalia wrote
Hi Martini, yes, but I cannot give precise timeline. But we know that it is something a lot of sellers are looking for!
Posted almost 9 years ago

Nice as usual cars are at top

Posted almost 2 years ago

There are millions of demand of jewelry models for production. Of course, they are in common not free. Cgtrager is good for receiving right models for cheap price.

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