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Hello everyone, everything good? I have a somewhat personal question and I believe that every 3D artist must suffer at some point in life: the dilemma of which way to go? The 3D universe is extremely wide: realistic, stylized, organic / inorganic modeling etc. etc. outside the niches that end up splitting these options. I like to do modeling that looks a little more realistic (like the models I'm putting here on the website) but I also have a passion for low poly modeling with a more stylized aspect. This includes characters and objects. I would like to know if you also work in different styles and sell here on the site or decided to define a style and niche to promote here and focus only on it. At first I had the idea of making only stylized models, but because it is very restricted I thought it would not have as much sales as it is very specific. I even questioned the site if there was no way to separate it into "folders" it would be more organized, as there is no option I needed to follow a path and I'm doing it. I don't know if it would be cool / attractive to go into the profile and see something pbr and then a stylized one. At the same time I do not make the website my portfolio, I use the website as a sales tool looking to meet a demand, so I do not know if the fact of mixing styles would have any problem. Do you think this is a problem?

I hope it was clear, sorry for any English error


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I like to stick with low-poly, PBR models because, simply, they sell. I have fits and spurts as to what genre I model in, usually medieval stuff but of late, sci-fi. Hasn't appeared to have made much difference apart from now I get sales in sci-fi as well as medieval lol.

I do something similar with my website:

Either way, good luck. I wish you all the best in your endeavour.

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Thank you very much for your attention. I loved your models =)

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