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I'm planning on uploading a preview video of one of my product, which is a waving flag. Can you do that so that customer can preview the animation before buying. And also a turntable preview would be nice.

What do u guys think?


Posted almost 8 years ago

nice upload the video

Posted almost 8 years ago

Yes, the youtube is the only option available that i can see serve our purpose at the moment. Niceanimation btw. Liked!

Posted almost 8 years ago

Thanks firdz3d for the feedback. We will add your suggested feature as embeded youtube or vimeo video. All you will need to do is to upload video to youtube or vimeo, enter url in the publisher and it will appear embeded in your product page. Also we will make Preview files as freely downloadable.

k420 wrote
nice keep on progressing the site
firdz3d wrote
great! thanx marius
Posted over 4 years ago

Im sorry for reviving this old thread, but is there a way for adding turntables yet?
As of what I have found it still aint possible. But if so, why?

Posted about 2 years ago

6 years later this feature is still not implemented, why ?

Posted about 1 year ago

It is implemented. Is not it?

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