No Sales in 3 Months.....

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No Sales in 3 Months VS 2-5 Sales / Month on TS...

Is it worth losing 12% in Royalties on TS / Month to stay here....

I give it another month on CGT for a Sale to come through before I reinstate my Squidguild for good....

I am losing 12%( very soon to be 14%) on royalties on TS a month for staying here.....

Who else is experiencing same situation?


Posted over 4 years ago

Unfortunately I notice a similar situation.
Sales of the TS more and always.
I have noticed that some browsers display there is a problem of CG pages. Certificate Error.
This opening is possible but can not see images.
I can assume that some of the users around the world are faced with a similar problem.
I sent a letter with screenshots, but the problem persists.
It is very sad, because I can see that the level of service, loyalty is much higher than that of the TS.

Posted over 4 years ago

I have opposite situation - very few sales on TS and constant 5-7 sales per month here. I probably should go and moan over turbosquid forums about that :]

aytacg26 wrote
What are the most selling products in your portfolio. 3D or 3DP models?
LemonadeCG wrote
@aytacg26, unfortunatelly 3d print models sells better and especially those that cost close to nothing :] But lately CG models started to catch up and couple last months sales goes pretty much equal between 3DP and CG models.
Posted over 4 years ago

I know other friends who have a similar situation.
We were in the majority.
So there is a certain reason.

Posted over 4 years ago

As soon complain about the CG trade and immediately began selling :-)))))

LemonadeCG wrote
It could be related to the fact that new month just begun more than to postings you've made on the forum ;] I've noticed that most of my sales happens in the first 10 days of each month. Don't know if it's general rule or just coincidence on my side, though. It would be nice if cgtrader staff could shed some light on how sales correlates on monthly bases.
Posted over 4 years ago

yep... there is a tendency..

Posted over 4 years ago

Hello Hans,

Seems like you had more 3D models uploaded before? Only selling 1 model is very rarely a successful experience, IMHO.

Posted over 4 years ago

Model Stats
3D Models 151
Model views 82,748
Likes 714
Free model downloads 0
Sold model downloads 111
Earned income $4,279.17

Enouth experience?

Posted over 4 years ago

Haha, Dust,

I was talking about bizkit's (Hans) numbers! :) He clearly had more models in his account as well, but now there's only one.

Regarding the tendency of bought models, that's a very good thought for our next infographics - definitely something we'll look up and talk about!

Posted over 4 years ago

decided to move on... Signed up for the guild again an had to take down my models....
Left BMW Model as I cannot sell it on TS

Posted over 4 years ago

Had $90 sales in past 2 weeks on ts and i can get 12% extra.... it might not seem much, But $180 / month Sales @ 40% is $72 but 52% is $93.6.... It is $21.6 more per month x 3months no sales here.... It is quite a bit.... And with the dollar rand exchange, that $21.6 covers my internet costs..... Dollar rand is now at roughly R14 / $1 .....

My models is not bad, just think that CGT is not the market for me.....

Search my name Bizkit001 on TS...... and see if my models are not good enough for here.....

And then, look at the distance between sales here.............
If you are a client that comes to this site and you search for a model, you get top sellers first, which does not give the new guys a chance to have their model bshowed in at least the first 3-4 pages.......... Models of new guys, non-top sellers gets shown last..... How are they able to become top sellers if buyers onle see the top sellers first..... And anybody only goes through the first 2-3 pages of the same model before they get bored and buy the first best one they see.......
Nobody, I believe, will sit and go through 20 pages of the same type of model before they buy one......

If I can make a suggestion, for the other sellers still here, Make the default of the search engine to show the newest model when a customer comes to the site, and not the best seller, that way it will give the new people a chance as well.

Try that and see how sales increase for the non-sellers or new people with few sales.... Put the top sellers at the end and see if customers still buy them when they show up on page 20....( I do believe, that way, new people also stand a chance to become top sellers...

OID Purchased Product Buyer Country Price VAT % VAT Payment processing After tax Royalty rate Final Royalties
50462 2016-04-19 Animated Solar System dhartsough United States $20.00 0% - $0.88 $19.12 100% $19.12
49880 2016-04-14 Animated Solar System jdubmarkeys United States $20.00 0% - $0.88 $19.12 100% $19.12
44929 2016-02-22 Animated Solar System ankur_1 United States $20.00 0% - $0.88 $19.12 100% $19.12
44928 2016-02-22 Animated Solar System ankur_1 United States $20.00 0% - $0.88 $19.12 100% $19.12
28220 2015-06-24 Amazing Cantilever House stuartmackereth New Zealand $15.00 0% - $0.74 $14.26 100% $14.26
23182 2015-03-13 68 Mustang Very LOW POLY aemixx United States $10.00 0% - $0.00 $10.00 80% $8.00
22028 2015-02-19 Xbox one darinferraro United States $10.00 0% - $0.00 $10.00 78% $7.80

Posted over 4 years ago

Last month I have quite a good sales, but after 28th July suddenly there are zero sales, even I upload 40 new models after 28th July there are still no sale...

Model Stats:
3D Models 84 (on July) [now:122 models]
Model views 96,245
Likes 64
Free model downloads 1,122
Sold model downloads 138

Posted over 4 years ago

Just a quick tip to all of you guys - try to upload awesome models at a very low price.
I know it might sound stupid, but c'mon try it!
Think about it this way:
If you sell a super detailed model of a house for example and sell it for about 100-200 dollars, then everyone with that big of a budgets can purchase it, but everyone else who wants to work on a cheap/quick indiefilm can't afford it.
Let's say that only 3 companies have those 200 dollars, then you'll only sell 3 copies.
But if you price it 5 dollars, then pretty much anyone can afford it.
If 100 people purchase your model at that price, then you'll have made 500 dollars!
I used to sell high quality models over at TS, and I priced them 80-300 dollars each.
I barely made any money, but then I tried this method and WOW - that's when the cash started raining!

High Quality+High Price=Less sales, less reviews and lower ranking in the search system.
High Quality+Low Price=More sales, more reviews and a much higher ranking in the search system.
(Quantity>Quality in the search engine!)

LemonadeCG wrote
Yeah sure, great tactics... not. Now imagine that everyone is selling their house model for $5 and soon you'll find that nobody is buying YOUR model, because next door there's guy who's selling two times more awesome house model for same 5 bucks. Not a big deal, because you know what to do - startoffering your model for $1. Now sales will rock again... until everyone will lower their prices too. And what you'll do next? Offer some $ to everyone that will download your awesome house?
sxigast wrote
Yeah you're right... :/
Posted over 4 years ago

Yes, but I do not see your model

Posted over 4 years ago

Moreover, your theory is not working on the CG, as the buyer can negotiate with the seller.
If the model is in demand, it will be bought for an adequate price. In other cases, your model is very fast - will become available on torrents. I appreciate my work and not ready to give away for next to nothing.

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