Models disappearing without explanation?

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Hello! I was contacted by a customer asking me where this model went:

I've sold a bunch of these, and now the listing is just gone. No notice, no explanation, nothing. Can someone please explain why?


Posted about 2 months ago

Which model? Perhaps you can give a description?

Posted about 2 months ago

I had the same problem recently, one of the first models I uploaded disappeared, I have checked the email and the messages here in CGT but there is no type of notification.

Could you solve your problem? contact support too?

Posted about 2 months ago

I was told by Support that Games Workshop claimed ownership of the model, so CGT took it down (without notifying me). I offered to show CGT the US legal precedents showing why this was wrong and how they would be protected from liability if they followed the notice-reply process under the DMCA, but they refused to hear it and refused to allow me to re-upload my model. I also asked to see GW's takedown notice and what evidence they used to show their ownership of the model, but CGT never addressed those requests.

Unfortunately, this means I could start sending CGT takedown notices for other designers' models, without providing any proof of my legally-controlling IP rights to those models, and they would take them down. And then those designers would have no recourse but to contact me to try to convince me to let them re-upload those models. I'd hope that CGT could see how this lack of a fair and balanced process would be ripe for abuse, but they are not receptive to understanding exactly how US law works in this case.

It's a sad situation, but also a sound warning for any designers here: you have no rights.

Posted about 2 months ago

Hi there,

As mentioned previously by my colleagues, we are legally obliged to remove the content reported by the rightful owners of the IP as infringing of their property rights. We have received a legal claim from an authorized representative of Games Workshop which included all the necessary information to take down infringing products. After such a notice, we had no choice but to comply with it by removing the reported models.

Copyright law is complex and can be interpreted in different ways. Usually, if the end-user can easily tell that some product/content is based or taken from a specific source, it doesn't matter that the product title is a little different or the product is not fully copied, but made based on the original idea and reference images.

Please keep in mind that we do not take sides or act as an intermediary in disputes between copyright owners and designers - the counter claims should be filed with them directly as they are the only entity that can give you permission to upload, sell and distribute the models after a copyright claim has been presented to us as a host.

We can't share the claim ourselves, as it is confidential and includes references to other user's material, not only yours. To reiterate, you truly believe that your use of IP was legitimate, we strongly suggest contacting the Games Workshop Limited legal department with your counter-claim at the designated email address:

Finally, please do not spread misinformation and claims that one can begin sending takedown notices in whichever direction one pleases - we have a review process in place to verify the claims - it is not as simple of a matter as sending a message asking to take down someone's product just because it feels similar. We are keenly aware that a system like that would be unsustainable and unfair to our designers. There is a world of difference between an unsubstantiated claim and a DMCA notice with numerous legal documents attached to the case.

I am certain you are aware of these points as you have been in touch with support numerous times over the past year and you have been informed about the situation. I understand your frustration - we are not doubting that the models have been created by you, however, we are not the ones that you should be directing your frustration at - please direct your disputes at the copyright holder. If you manage to clear it with them and we receive permission to host your models, no further issues of this nature will occur in the future.

Kind regards,
CGT team

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